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Dr Stephen Buller

Disorders and Disorder Specific Treatments

Much of the evidence about the effectiveness of psychotherapy and psychological treatments enables us to be specific about the best treatment for an identified disorder. In many cases we can identify first-line and second-line treatments. More information about this can be found on the Psychotherapy Foundation website (click here to go there). An accurate and detailed assessment will lead to a careful consideration of treatment options that are available for presenting problems and disorders (click here for more details about assessment).

Emotional and psychological difficulties are often experienced, at a personal level, as intense and prolonged anxiety or depression. Sometimes emotional and psychological difficulties show in symptoms such as headaches or other physical symptoms. Often difficulties affect relationships, ability to work, and are experienced in other disabling ways. These symptoms and difficulties are signs of underlying emotional and psychological problems and disorders which for which we can provide treatment options.

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Problems and Difficulties

Problems and Disorders Presenting in the Clinic

Emotional and psychological difficulties show themselves in symptoms which are signs of underlying emotional and psychological problems and disorders for which we can provide treatment options. Commonly these difficulties and symptoms will be based in anxiety and depressive disorders. Sometimes they can be signs of deeper troubles in personality and relationship disorders.

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